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5 Spells to kick your year into gear -
The Oxford English Dictionary defines magic as...‘(1) The art that, by use of spells, supposedly invokes supernatural powers to influence events. (2) Sorcery. (3) The practice of this art.’ And it defines a spell as ‘(1) a verbal formula considered as having magical force. (2) Any influence that can control the mind or character.’

Of course there is a lot of hocus-pocus but at its heart, 21st-century witchcraft holds undoubted truths and powers that anyone who comes to believe in them can draw on and use for the good of all.
It should be pointed out that casting spells is an intensely personal thing.
What worked wonderfully well for one magicmaker may not be quite so powerful in the hands of another.
If a spell calls for a particular essential oil and experience shows that an alternative works better, then it is usually quite in order to substitute the one for the other. Efficient spell casters keep a record in their Book of Shadows, or grimoire, of every spell they cast and when they cast it.
Another thing that should be pointed out is that it takes time for a spell to work, so don't expect immediate results – at least not most of the time. One change that will happen quickly, though, is one that happens inside you. In putting yourself more in tune with nature, with the flow of the seasons, the cycles of the moon and all the other wonders that are there to be appreciated you will soon become a more relaxed and more complete person. (Johnston)

Best time to cast your spell 

When to Do Magic Some people decide what magic to do according to the day of the week. Others put their faith (or part of it) in the lunar calendar. As with so many things about spell casting, there are no hard and fast rules – a belief that the spell WILL work and an intuitive feeling that NOW is the time to cast it is all important. But there is no doubt that the planets, phases of the moon and days of the week do influence things.

Aries (21 March – 20 April) is the ideal time for spells concerning new starts as the moon now encourages energy and fresh ideas. And if leadership is an issue, address it by casting a suitable spell during these 28 days. 

Taurus (21 April – 20 May) is noted for being the dependant sign of the zodiac. Now is the time to cast spells concerning prosperity. And as the sign is ruled by Venus, spells cast to encourage love will benefit from that goddess’s power. 

Gemini (21 May – 21 June) is associated with communication in all its forms, making its lunar ascendancy the perfect time to cast spells concerning travel and communication skills. Many professional writers find that their words flow with particular fluency at this time of year, so perhaps budding authors should tap into Gemini’s powers to cast spells aimed at getting that long-delayed project started at last.

Cancer (22 June – 22 July) has a nurturing nature often associated with Encyclopedia of Spells latest the feminine side of things. Now is the time to aim spells at family matters, friends, emotional matters, health and the home. And as the moon rules Cancer, this feminine energy is especially strong. 

Leo (23 July – 22 August), the sign associated with boldness and courage, emboldens the spell caster to make magic concerning success, wealth, recognition and general health. Leo is a generous sign and is especially happy to lend its power to newcomers to the art of making magic.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) encourages self-improvement and is concerned with the intellect, employment and health. Spells cast to encourage an abundant harvest will not be wasted during Virgo’s ascendancy and as the sign is noted for attention to detail, it’s a good time to cast spells aimed at clarifying the small print of life. 

Libra (23 September – 22 October) is noted for balance, so spells cast concerning harmony, especially in personal relationships, are particularly potent now. It’s also a good time to cast spells to restore a friendship with someone who has fallen out of favour. Libra is also a sign that smiles on energy, idealism, love, spirituality and popularity, so spells cast concerning matters such as those should work well. 

Scorpio (23 October – 22 November) is associated with desire and transformation. Use its power to make magic concerning change, be it in your own life or someone else’s (change for the good, needless to say). Sex is never far from a Scorpio’s mind – and the energy involved in casting a spell concerning sexual matters will not be wasted during these 28 days. 

Sagittarius (23 November – 22 December) is the acknowledged explorer of the astrological world. Tap into its power to explore the potency of spells concerning travel, transcendence and wisdom, and for getting at the truth of a matter.

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January) is identified with ambition, achievement and self-control, so this is a good time to cast spells to help you climb the ladder of success in your career. It’s also a good time to think about spells concerning taking on added responsibility, maybe a community project. 

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February) promotes healing, higher thought and mental health. These are also good days to cultivate new friendships. The heavenly water carrier also aids spells that are aimed at increasing personal freedom and creative expression. 

Pisces (20 February – 20 March) is a compassionate sign and this is a good time for healing spells. Those who have a talent for dream interpretation may well find that their intuitive powers are especially strong during the four weeks of Pisces’ ascendancy.

1. Love Spell

A Spell to Make Love Grow Whirlwind romances may be the stuff of romantic novels, but in real life flames that are the quickest to take, burn out and are the first to die. This spell takes time to work but it is very effective.
It should be done on a clear night during a waxing moon. You will need: A packet of seeds A new flowerpot Potting compost A small copper coin Before you open your circle take the coin outside and hold it up to the moon, focusing your mind on the one whose thoughts you are trying to direct towards you.
Now go to your sacred space and, the opening rituals completed, bury the coin in the flowerpot. Sprinkle the seeds on top to form the initials of the other person’s first and last name. As the seeds germinate and start to shoot, so love should take root and blossom in your life.

2. Make yourself shine whenever you need a boost

You will need:
- sparkling crystal or a favorite piece of jewelry 
- A mirror large enough to see yourself in
Early in the morning 
The Spell:
-Stand facing in the mirror. Place the candle in front of you so you are able to see it in the mirror's reflection.
-Hold the jewelry or crystal in your open, cupped hands and toss it gently into the air whilst you rhythmically and with increasing speed say three times 
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, I demand respect of all. 
I am worthy of admiration, I am worthy of consideration and so I take my place in the sun. 
-On the third time of saying in the sun, blow out the candle, throw the crystal high, and catch it. 
- Smile in the mirror at yourself. Wear the crystal or jewelry everyday. When you doubt yourself, touch the jewelry and repeat the words in your mind. 

3. Water spell to help you deal with a problem

-Hold the glass of water between your hands, preferably where natural light can enter it. If not place it under a light. Say, I can easily fix this problem.-Keep your hands around the glass for about two minutes. repeat softly aloud or in your mind, This problem is easily fixed. I have power to fix this situation.-Hold the glass on either side with your cupped hands and sip the water. When you finish the water say, I now have the solution to this situation.-Go for it without any hesitation and you will easily and rapidly solve the problem.YOU GO GAL!

4. Make your adventures come true

You will need:
- A picture what you wish to do
- A picture of yourself looking happy 
- Two incense sticks
- A bowl of earth 
Tuesday morning is da day. 
The Spell:
- Set the two pictures with the incense on either side.
- Light the incense sticks and wave them in spirals over the pictures and all around you, crossing the over. Say faster and faster, The world is open to me, don't you see. I am free to try every possibility. I can be free.
- When you can chant and speak no faster, plunge the incense sticks into the earth.
- Scatter the earth outdoors and say, The world is open to me as I try every possibility. I am free. 
- Make plans immediately to pursue the activity and say both affirmations when you go.
There you go - you're free to be and do whatever you want.

5. A traditional trendy vegan Seaweed spell for a consistent flow of cash

Dollar, Dollar Bills y'all.

You will need:
Dried seaweed or a small bowl of powdered kelp
- A medium-sized glass jar
- A small bottle of whisky 
-A turquoise candle 
-Seven sea shells
Timing: Friday evening after dark
The Spell:
- Light the candle and put the shells clockwise around it.
- While doing this, say seven times, Mother Sea, bring to me, lasting bounty.
-Place the seaweed in the jar. Add enough whisky to completely cover it or, if you're using kelp, so the jar is three-quarters full.
Shake the jar seven times and say the same spell words seven times.
- Pass the jar clockwise over the candle seven times and say the spell words again seven times.
- Set the jar next to the candle and let the candle burn through.
- Keep the jar on an indoor window ledge with the shells in a row in front of it.
Whenever finances are difficult, light a turquoise candle. Say the spell words seven times and let the candle burn.

Comment below how the spells worked for you 
- J

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