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Be adventurous and get addicted to cross-stitch 

It's really easy. All you need is a tapestry needle, a piece of material called "count" (use a size 24 for 14-count aida and a size 26 for 16- and 18-count aida or 28-count even-weave), some pretty coloured threads and you're ready to rock. As the name suggests you now start to stitch crosses.


There are several patterns on the internet, but you can just go nuts and show the world your crazy cross-stitch game by making up your own pattern. I marked my pattern first with a very fine marker pen onto the fabric and cross-stitched words onto my piece that are obviously quite deep and meaning full - you don't have to go that far. 

Let me know what you think and what cross-stitches you came up with.

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